• Tight supply in the export market of APIs

    The rate of resumption of work and production of API companies has steadily increased, domestic demand has been basically satisfied, and it is expected to meet overseas demand. The export of epidemic-related APIs may usher in a short outbreak period. However, it should b...
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  • The antinociceptive effect of in mice and its mechanism

    Background: Pregabalin, a potent anticonvulsant agent, is used in treatment-resistant epileptic patients.It is reported that pregabalin also has analgesic effect in different pain syndromes. However, there is limited data on its antinociceptive mechanisms of action. We ...
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  • Status and development prospects of pharmaceutical intermediates in 2022

    In recent years, the global pharmaceutical intermediate industry has developed rapidly, and the industry has continued to shift to China, which has promoted the rapid development of my country's pharmaceutical intermediate industry. At present, the basic chemical raw mat...
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